This Moment: 2:48 A.M. April 29, 2012

The minutes are passing quickly. I woke from a dream where I slipped between my former twenty-year-old self and my current self. Both selves were aware of the other and spoke of experiences and the memories of events in the same breath. The small dog is curled into a warm bundle next to me on the living room couch. I am embarrassed to admit Mick Jagger was the boyfriend from my dream. In reality he would be of grandparent age for my younger dream self and of parent age to my current self. I wonder what this aging rock star symbolizes in the realm of dreams. A train and its white noise is passes through town. The old dog comes to the threshold of the room, then reconsiders. She retreats back to her pillow. The mingled aromas of coffee, basmati rice and chicken korma linger. The house is silent save for the air pressing through vents. Another train, and I think its steady rumble sounds like reverb echoing against the mountains and passing over the heads slumbering below in the valley. The old dog is snoring in the other room. I hear her startle, then her nails on the hardwood. She enters the living room and positions herself near the couch. My eyes are growing heavy. The thought that the sky is blanketed with stars makes me feel less alone in the darkness.


  1. Mick Jagger is an okay boyfriend choice, I suppose. I'm sure he'll be faithful to you. Will you be taking care of his stray ear hairs for him?

  2. Dreams are funny, aren't they. Anything can happen. Anyone can and will show up.