The Day in Cartoons: We're Building An Economy - Lisa Benson

We're Building An Economy - Lisa Benson

The people are powerful.

The man or woman in the cubicle, on the ground, in the trenches, behind the computer screen or the wheel, are the makers, the creators.

A country needs leaders to guide the ship, but it is the people that keep it afloat and prevent it from running aground, in the same way that any organization is nothing without it's people.

We, the people, make it happen.

What is "it"? Everything.

Earlier today I read about a woman who was fired from her corporate job at the beginning of the economic crash. She spent a year, living small, looking for work, but couldn't find another job that matched her education or her former income. So, she decided she had nothing to
lose and started a business- taking pictures of things she liked just because she liked them.

Sounds scary, maybe even childish. Am I right?

No. Everything begins with an idea, courage, tenacity, and sheer force of will to make it happen. That's how we build an economy, whether we're working for ourselves or a corporation. We're all in.

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