Artist of the Day: Fire Bad Tree Pretty - Devin Wais

fire bad tree pretty  oooohstichy  devin wais
artist bio: I have a short attention span. So, after spending a few years making & selling jewelry, I wanted to try something new. And so OooohStitchy was born. My main focus is ridiculous pop culture, but I also enjoy collaborating with other Etsy artists as well as trying my hand at original designs. Some have been hits, some have been misses, but the main point is - I'm having fun.
I saw this piece by Chesapeake, Virginia-based artist and master embroiderer, Devin Wais, and thought it spoke to the moment.

Fire is a terrifying force. As for trees, well, there are a lot fewer of them, and a lot of homes have gone up in flames these last two weeks. It's devastating.

There are six major fires burning across the state at this moment. The majority of the wildfires are far down in Southern Utah, but it smells like smoke and the sky over Salt Lake City is hazy.

The West is on fire. Colorado is nothing short of an inferno.

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