Utah Arts Festival 2012: What Would Street Jesus Do


I love this pin.

When I picked it up at the festival, I thought it was a spin on the original WWJD. Turns out Salt Lake City has its own Street Jesus, who is the owner of hip-hop store Uprok and DJ for Sunday Night Soul at the Bourbon House.  

Months ago I watched an indie music video I swear was titled Street Jesus, so after I met Uprok's Street Jesus briefly yesterday in the Urban Yard, I thought it was him. It wasn't.

If you run across the video or band or song, will you please leave a comment since I cannot find it anywhere.  

Anyway, I found this interview by Urban Media Episode 6: Uprok Street Jesus and that Aerosmith's new album will feature a song titled Street Jesus.

If you want a What Would Street Jesus Do pin, pick one up at Uprok.

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