Song of the Day: Love is Won - Lia Ices

Lia Ices
Love is Won

It's Monday, so this song is from Girls Episode 9 play list.

Only one week left of the series and then we're on our own to figure out what to listen to every Monday until Season 2.

This is a gorgeous song if you like mysterious and lyrical voices, and a gorgeous video if you like interesting faces and art history even a little bit.

I almost chose Souxsie and the Banshees' Hong Kong Garden. If you haven't heard of Souxsie, get on you tube and watch her oeuvre from the 80's to present. She will knock you out.

There's a lot to say about last night's episode, like, we will so leave you alone Tally, Marnie is not your mother Hannah, so pay your share of the rent, Jessa gets a spoonful of bitter medicine, Shosh is a scream, Ray is beyond a scream, but for me, it all distills down to this:

Writers write.

Pretty soon Hannah's going to wake up at thirty or forty or forty-five or fifty, and have not written anything, because of her insecurities, and her laziness.

Have we seen her write? Is there evidence other than her diary that she writes? Her former professor loves her writing. It would be great for the viewers to hear her read something other than a lame last minute subway rapidwrite.

I think Kathrine's advice to Jessa, that all her dramas are a way to not be who she is meant to be, is perfect advice for Hannah as well.

Hannah, (and writers of the world), sit your ass in the chair and write.

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