Independence Day Wish List: Vintage & Handmade Gifts

This July 4th is the United States of America's 236th birthday.

In comparison to pretty much the rest of the world, we are a very, very young country. In our brief two-centuries plus, we've accomplished so much. Sometimes we're the best there is. Sometimes not.

No matter who you are, or where you are from, if you make America your home, you are family. And as you know, sometimes that's a good thing, and other times, not so much. When it comes down to it though, we have each other's backs, even in these crazy politically polarized times.

We won our independence, survived the Great Depression, changed the outcome of two world wars by intervening, literally saving the world from nazi destruction, and then, we've got some 'splaining to do: we've stumbled big time with other interventions and wars, and recessions and bailouts.

We are striving against the current right now, but I believe that we will always strive for the American Dream. Truth be told, that dream wasn't always attainable. The Civil Rights Movement and the Womens Movement changed the game for those that had been excluded, and made the dream a reality. Occupy may prove to be a game changer yet. Time will tell.

The Amerian Dream has really taken in on the chin these last twelve years, but in our 44th President's own words,  in no other country on Earth is my story even possible.

I'm looking forward to Independence Day: the parades, breakfast in the bowery, the family barbecue, arts in the parks, the symphony in the ampitheater, the fireworks.

Happy 236th Birthday, America!
red,white, and blue paper garland fabulouslyhomemade

old-fashioned buffet card aliferousexpress

fourth of july cookies katieduran
grill guru gourmet bbq rubs purposedesign

cocktail rim sugar dellcovespices

crochet hemp straw hat whatsoliviawearing

tribal feathered ear cuff  runwiththetribe

big pocket sundress sophiaclothing

vintage cowboy boots grannyvintageshoes

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