This Moment: 10:43 A.M. June 11, 2012

The ibis are back early this year. So are the arctic terns. They are out feeding in the newly cut hay field before they head for the island this morning. The deep burgundy leaves of my flowering plum compliments the multiple greens hues. A small daschund and it's owner dressed in matching black running shorts and sports bra trimmed in red, jogs past my home. The small dog barks a mixture of warning and greeting. He is nearly dry from when I sprayed off the mud he had rolled in on our walk. My neighbor, a large man struggles up the sidewalk and both dogs rise to their feet for a better look. He waves. I wave. By the end of the summer he will have lost the stomach that proceeds him. The flowers announce the season in vivid hues of pink, violet, fuchsia, scarlet, persimmon.