Song of the Day: Solid Ground - Maps & Atlases

Maps & Atlases
Solid Ground

This is a new band, to me anyway, and I like their sound.

I would like to know what is up with all the beardy styles of late, though. I suppose since there's been a resurgence of granny fashion, the beards of the 70's, as in George Harrison beards of the 70's, are making a comeback. Why am I talking about facial hair when the music is so good? Good question.

Today, Solid Ground is my theme song. I am looking for solid ground. Under my feet, that is. It's the third week of the summer and I lost my focus looking at a tiny hummingbird, and literally fell off the trail, down onto the gravel embankment, and thanks to my left shoulder, I didn't face plant. I do have some gnarly scrapes and Helen Frankethaler-like bruises and a sprained ankle, at least I hope that's all it is.

Keep your feet on solid ground and your eyes on the path in front of you is good advice at mid-point of this week.

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