Song of the Day: Slave to Love - Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry
Slave to Love

Today's song is from the Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too episode of HBO's Girls.

Okay, can we just agree that Adam is Hannah's id?

Adam is a raunchy, sometimes tender, complicated mess. Hannah is a complicated mess herself. And, the girl is no slave to love. She's in it for other reasons. Do I know them? No, and neither do you. What we're all doing with this show is projecting our own issues and experiences onto these characters. Catharsis, anyone?

I do not buy the whole Adam done Hannah wrong chat room and blog furor. She likes him. He likes her. Is it a completely toxic love cocktail. Maybe.

I just do not believe Hannah is only with Adam for material for her memoir. Now that I mention it, do you really want to read a pre-job of any kind, or pre-Adam memoir of a fresh-faced Michiganite, or as Adam misremembers, Ohioan just out of college? Give her a decade, and she'll have a memoir that will be worth reading.

Lena Dunham's tweets are hilarious. Her Instagram pics amusing, but I think she is missing the social media boat. Or perhaps that's too meta, or perhaps meta is so over.

Anyway, if Shosanna were tweeting her virgin anxiety, she'd have more followers than most pop stars.

I'd love to read Marnie's tortured daily tweets about her failure to be perfect in every possible way.

I think Jessa's waters run much, much deeper than we give her credit, and her tweets would be sensational.

If Adam posted Instagram random pics of his apartment, the inside of his closet, the crack lady, what he eats for breakfast, every snack he has all day, gathering wood for his boat, you can bet he'd have a following with more zeroes than the deficit.

What do you think?

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