Write 2013

Pocket Moleskine, Modern Hand-Lettering, Small Writing Journal, White Ink on Black, A Word After A Word is Power, Atwood Quote
Hand-Lettered Mini Journal, Modern Calligraphy and Capitals, Small Moleskine Cahier, White Ink on Dark Red, There is No Greater Agony
Hand-Lettered Pocket Moleskine . Modern Calligraphy . Small Writing Journal . White Ink on Black . Write What Should Not Be Forgotten
Hand-Lettered Pocket Journal . Modern Calligraphy and Capitals . Small Moleskine Cahier . White Ink on Dark Red . Gift for Him or Her

I chose these quotes as inspiration for the 2013 year of writing.

I am writing longhand in notebooks to keep myself from editing, from getting mired in perfectionism, and from falling down the Internet rabbit hole.

I haven't decided yet, but think I am going to start another blog to post what I have written and keep it separate from what I post here.

Either that, or I'll type it up and put it in the cloud. With the first week of the year winding down, I'll make a decision this weekend.

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