Artist of the Day: Crochet Lace Stone - Monica

Art, Mixed Media, Crochet Lace Stone, Original, Handmade, Table Decorations, Home Decor, Art Object, Folk Art, Oval, Beige, Gray
crochet lace stone 1

Wedding Table Decor, Home Decor, Crochet Lace Stone, Large,White, Light Gray Stone, Handmade
crochet lace stone 2

Art Object, Mixed Media, Crochet Lace Stone,Table Decorations, Home Decor, Original, Handmade, Turquoise, Mint, Gray Stone
crochet lace stone 3

Art, Mixed Media, Crochet Lace Stone, Original, Handmade, Table Decoration, Tribal, Art Object, Collectibles, Beige with Green Spots
crochet lace stone 4

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had an intense need to gather field stones from the field behind my house and bring them inside. I lined my living room with stones. Filled the transoms and window ledges of my home with stones.

To this day, I still have no idea why.

I have no idea what inspired Altus, Oklahoma artist Monica to crochet coverings for stones, but by doing so, she has elevated them and made them precious.

Don't you feel the urge to hold one of these treasures in your hands?
artist bio: I am always searching for something original, unusual and a bit quirky. Most of my work comes to life in my dining room. I love designing my own patterns. I love starting with a blank canvas, scarf, dress, apron etc…so I can add all the personality to a piece and create something truly original. Most of the time I have something envisioned and I work on it until my creation matches my vision. I love sketching out new ideas, in hopes of one day getting to all of them. I love collecting beautiful vintage pieces in hopes of incorporating them into something new.

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