Artist of the Day: Turquoise Door - Vita Nostra

Turquoise Decor - Aqua Door Photograph - Sicily Italy Photo - Old Blue Door Photography - Rustic Turquoise - Stone Wood - Natural Farmhouse
turquoise door vitanostra

Raleigh, North Carolina based photographer Emily's Turquoise Door reminded me of a dream I had a few years back of walking through a forest in Georgia and coming upon a little shop with a turquoise door. The beautiful  proprietress of the shop was from Iran. The dream  had something to do with my father, and with magic, or magical realism. When I woke up, I knew I wanted a turquoise door in my life.

I have no idea what the dream means, but I do think it's time for that turquoise door. Perhaps I should  paint the door to my studio, or just a vintage door and hang it on the wall.

Instead of the Stones' song, I want to paint it turquoise."
artist bio: My dream is to travel the world with my camera. Capturing unique and gorgeous images that bring home the true essence of time and place. There is nothing I love more than connecting with a moment, a scene, a person in a unique and special way that seals the image in time.

I have been photographing images around the world since my first trip overseas in 1996. My passion for travel and photography has blossomed through time in Paris, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Canada, London, Brazil, the islands and many return trips to my first love, Italy. My images are often vibrant and full of life and color. Unique details, textures, contrasts.

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