Land of Deseret: Pique-nique Dreaming

crows at dusk
On the way home today I passed a murder of crows perched in trees, on fences, buildings, phone wires, and glutting parking lots and big box store side lawns. The corvids were pecking at the snow, foraging a winter picnic.

The schools were closed last Friday due to snow, the first ever snow day in memory, so my morning greasy spoon coffee shop was filled to capacity with tweens in zip up footy pajamas and grade school age children crowded into booths with their parents.

It's five degrees here in Deseret.  It is hurry up and shovel the walks, snowblow the driveway, and get back inside, wrap up in a down comforter, sit by the fire, bone cold. Even the small dog doesn't like going outside.

This is what it looks like outside. Even though it seems unimaginable, spring really is just around the corner.

Which brings me to the point of this post: I watched this charming Pique-nique video from Olive Us, of picnicing in Utah's wilderness, and it has me yearning for the warmth of lush and lazy days, when the desert is in full leaf. Instead of California Dreaming, I'm pique-nique dreaming.

Both photos below are stills I took watching Pique-nique.

mountain meadow

picnic basket

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