Artist of the Day: Dandelion - bomobob

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dandelion  bomobob

When I was a young girl I would make a wish and then blow on a dandelion puff and watch the seeds catch a breeze and take my desires into the future.

The snow keeps falling, and all day I've stood before my office window, and then the picture window of my home, sending wishes out into the icy air.

May they all come true. May every one circle back for me.

And may all your mid-winter wishes come true.
artist bio: An exhibited, award-winning photographer, I've been passionate about photography for just about as long as I can remember, right from that very first 1960s Kodak Brownie around my wrist at Upper Canada Village. A great deal of my adult life has been spent travelling the world for extended periods, always with cameras in tow. My photographic interests run the gamut from the joy of carnivals to nature to ephemera to street life. Although somewhat reluctantly entrenched in the digital age, I still shoot mostly film, and principally with old cameras that I salvage and repair. My present collection of old clunkers numbers about 60!

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