Artist of the Day: The Magic Door - Tubi Du

The magic door  - 5x7 Paris illustration - Paris art illustration print,Paris decor,Love,turquoise,blue,white,France,French fine art,Paris
tubi du

I'm going to Paris for the first time this spring. I am nervous. Freaking out, to be honest.

Did I mention I speak hardly any French? As in three sentences, (not counting expletives). I keep thinking I just need to put off going.  Again.

What is my problem? My friend who has been to Paris way too many times to bother listing an exact tally, and who is going again this summer, does not speak hardly any French. He informed me that what is wrong with me is that I'm a French virgin.


His assessment many be accurate, but I think it's more about mundane things like figuring Euro rates, maneuvering the metro, ordering food. I am revealing myself as a total travel neurotic, I know. I will admit I feel much better about my petty anxieties watching my new friend from China stress over nickels and cents and pay with dollar bills only, and how a simple explanation of US currency has her using her spare change.

I know I'll calm down and get excited to go when the trip gets closer.  But, in the interim, I just may have a meltdown.

I listened to David Sedaris's essay Accidental Deception about riding the metro in France and two obnoxious American tourists mistaking him for a thief, and thought it was hilarious, and then thought, my god, there are thiefs on the metro? and, my god, I am going to be an obnoxious American! In France!

You see the ridiculous hamster wheel I am running? Well, at the very least,  I will have the decency to curse in French. Mon dieu!

The turquoise door of this illustration is a visual Valium. Ahhh.

Oui, the museums, cafes, historic sites, bookstores, food, flea markets will be c'est vraiment fantastique!

Paris illustrator and graphic designer Tubi Du does not have a bio, so I'll create one.
artist bio: I live in Paris. That fact alone, is all you need to know.

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