Belated Holiday Card

card front

 card back


I sent my holiday cards out very, very late, so I'm posting it late, as well.

This year I made both the envelope and card from collages. The envelope is traditional images of Mary. The card is my interpretation of the traditional Nativity narrative and poem Altars of Light, which serve as a theme for the year.

Altars of Light
Pierre Joris
If the light is the soul 
then soul is what's 
all around me.

It is you, 
it is around you too, 
it is you.

The darkness is inside me, 
the opaqueness of organs folded 
upon organs-- 

to make light in the house of
the body-- 
     thus to bring the
outside in,
     the impossible job.

   And the only place to become
the skin
   the border, the inbetween, where
dark meets light, where I meets

   In the house of world the 
many darknesses are surrounded 
by light.

   To see the one, we need 
the other / it cuts both ways

   light on light is blind 
   dark on dark is blind

   light through dark is not

   dark through light is movement
   dark through light becomes,
is becoming,
     to move through
light is becoming,

   is all
     we can know.

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