Artist of the Day: Be Alive - Bonny Gorsuch

BE ALIVE Original Fabric Collage  182 of 366

Pink Dress & LUCKY DOG Original Fabric Collage 294 of 366be alive

pink dress & lucky dog

Has it been difficult for you to get started on a good foot in 2013? Me too.
When it is this cold, I can't kick start my joie de vivre, and my motivation and ambition run and hide under a pile of warm covers.

What to do?

Be alive. How about instead of waiting for the sun's return, each of us find something that brings us back to life. I am casting about for a project that will brighten these dark winter days.

I believe it is time for another voodoo collage.

I chose Cannon Beach, Oregon artist Bonny Gorsuch's fiber collage Be Alive because it made me smile today, and Lucky Dog because I am missing my black dog, Ellie. It's been a week.
artist bio: Who would have guessed that making tiny Troll clothes back in the 60's would be the beginning of where I am today? Thank you Mrs. Felix at Live Oak Park in Manhattan Beach, California for teaching me some tricks of the trade! Today, I create green-inspired and altered wearable art clothing (my line is called Random Scraps of Fabric), collages, banners and assemblages from found objects, vintage fabrics and textiles. My materials are always 100% recycled and pre-loved. I love anything old and unusual. See my website

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