Artist of the Day: Daily Drawing Practice - Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

January 7, 2013 / Daily Ink Wash Drawing
january 7, 2013                      patti roberts-pizzuto

May 30, 2012 / Daily Drawing On Teabag
may 30, 2012

Daily Drawing for October 16, 2012
March 21, 2012 / Daily Drawing on Teabag
Daily challenge projects like this by Vermillion, South Dakota artist Patti Roberts-Pizzuto inspire me to make my work a practice, something that I work at every single day, rather than waiting for inspiration or time or the stars to align. Speaking of inspiration, how could you not be inspired to make art your daily practice when you live in a town called Vermillion?
artist bio: I am an artist, still somewhat new to South Dakota, having moved here from Sarasota, Florida in 2005. My husband and I are both artists (he's a printmaking professor at USD) and our home/studio is located just outside Vermillion, South Dakota on the banks of the Missouri River. I enjoy the magic of the creative process....a kind of alchemy that allows something to come from almost nothing. I am interested in time, memory and our personal and collective's all we have and every bit of it precious. A drawing a day....a way to mark time.

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