Artist of the Day: Space Coffee - Osnat Feitelson

 space coffee osnat feitelson yaron mendelovici

Over the holiday break, I read that CERN, the organization that brought us the God Particle in 2012, is now claiming that time travel is a possibility in the not too distant future.

Truth really is stranger than fiction, (or in this case, science fiction).

It's beyond imagination that we'll be able to travel to the past, the future, to other worlds, especially when you look at the current state of affairs the world over.

A quick trip back to Caligula's Rome, Attila's fifth century, Genghis Khan's Middle Ages, Torquemada's Middle Ages, or the Crusades, the Borgia's Renaissance, the century of genocide, wars 1000 to present,  just may save us from our ignorance, religious intolerance, and violent tendencies, though.


One thing is certain, regardless of advances in technology, humans will always crave good old-fashioned coffee.
artist bio: Gelada is an Indy design studio, we make our Tshirts from the best materials (100% organic cotton & Viscose) all the designs are limited. The design & total feel of our stuff is a throwback to your favourite Tshirt thats been in your closet for years. Gelada is a fair trade clan, we make our own Tshirts, creating a new past, The way of the Future.

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