Artist of the Day: Dewey Decimal Vintage Card Catalog Necklace - Written Nerd

Dewey Decimal Vintage Card Catalog Women's Glass Mini Pendant Necklace
Myth Word Mini Pendant Librarian Mythological Brass Setting Library Card Necklace One of a Kind  Olive Green Leaves Czech Glass 22K Gold Dewey Decimal Vintage Library Necklace
dewey decimal vintage card catalog necklace writtennerd

Book hoarder/lover that I am, I love this entire site.

This artist did not have a bio, so I created one.
artist bio: Alameda, California based artist/jeweler/rebel Written Nerd is a former librarian who refused to recycle the beloved card catalogs when libraries the world over transitioned from book catalogs to computer catalogs. Instead, Written Nerd lovingly and obsessively collected card catalogs, which are now stored in thousands of packing boxes, and placed according to the Dewey Decimal Classification,  in Written Nerd's residence: closets (100), under the bed (300), bathroom (500), home office (700), bookshelves (800), on top & under kitchen table (900), and stored in far too many storage units to begin to count.

from the site's description: Get nerdy the cute way! This necklace is made with a 3/4" glass dome, under which is featured Dewey Decimal numbers from vintage library catalog cards.

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