Artist of the Day: Under the Bridge - Patrick Bornemann

under the bridge patrick bornemann  artcalifornia
artist bio: My name is Patrick, I like to describe myself as a globe trotter and world citizen. I was a hungry Art student; I went in Art school in Paris, Marseille, Nice and Venice. I use only natural pigments because of the connection they have with earth. I play with colors. I mix them creating new harmonies, new vibes, new combinations and new schemes. I learned a lot while working in art studios with master painters in Nice, Paris and Venice. When I moved to California, I developed my true passion and skill in fine arts. I love to paint subtle day to day observations that go unnoticed by the average eye. Travelling is always an inspiration because of the diversity of environments.
We have family from San Francisco staying with us this weekend, so San Francisco-based artist Borneman's original painting of the Golden Gate Bridge is perfect for the final image of the week.

Every time I visit San Francisco, I think I could live there. Then I price the houses and decide maybe not. I love the diversity, the proximity to the ocean, the museums and art galleries, the eco-friendly artist community culture, the blogging community, the parks, the shops, the food, the friendly people, the fog, even the crazy-steep roads.

I haven't left my heart in San Francisco, but sometimes I think I've left my wistfulness, or maybe just my hipster wannabe self there.

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