Artist of the Day: Bento Red Octopus With Sushi Lunchbox in Background - Derek Cadena & Brent Rodgers

bento red octopus with sushi lunchbox background
derek cadena and brent rodgers twolittlefruits
artist bio: We are Derek Cadena and Brent Rodgers of 2LF! We have been selling our artwork in cute boutiques, galleries and online for the past 7 or so years. We enjoy making art that entertains us, and, we hope that you find an intense joy accompanied by retinal tickling every time you look at a 2LF creation.  "Art should be as logical as the songs we sing to our pets" To see more of our work or to find out more about 2LF Studio visit us at
I love the wit and originality of 2LF's mixed-media original artwork. The duo's name, two little fruits, tips the viewer off to their humor.

Both artists approach content and technique differently, yet their complimentary styles create an engaging viewing experience.

You are going to love these guys! 

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