Artist of the Day: Balance - Mindy Lacefield

balance mindy lacefield timsally
artist bio: Welcome to Tim's Sally. My name is Mindy and I've been creating art full-time for about 2 years and am thankful every day for the lovely people who visit my shop and support my art. I couldn't do it without you lovely souls.  visit my website:
I am in the mood for some timsally today.

I am also in need of some serious balance. I am completely lopsided to the point of literally falling over in practically every aspect of my life. It took an intense fall on the trail a couple weeks back to wake me up to this.

Actually, to be honest, it took looking at this painting, and its title, to put all the pieces together to make me to realize it is up to me to get myself standing upright again, get my balance back, internal and external.

You know what the secret to balance is? Ask for what you want or need, without expectation. Be prepared for a no. Make a plan and move forward. Do what your heart tells you - you can talk your mind into it later. Just do it, just for you.

Here I go, arms stretched wide, steadying myself.

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