Artist of the Day: Black & White Striped Burlesque Corset - Gigi Devlin

black and white striped burlesques corset gigi devlin gigidevlin
artist bio:   I always had a love for clothing...mainly corsets. I have been avidly sewing for 5 years now and I love burlesque and 1950's style clothing. It's my specialty!

I adore burlesque, of the Gypsy Rose Lee period. So, since I'm headed to Vegas soon, it makes sense that today's artist should be a little on the Gypsy side.

Artist/designer Gigi Devlin may be based in Westport, Massachusetts, but I think she has more than a little Sin City and Versailles in her.

I love this corset, and the styling is excellent. Brings to mind a steam punk-inspired Marie Antoinette, doesnt' it.

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