Artist of the Day: License Plate Map of the United States - Design Turnpike

license plate map of the united states designturnpike

artist bio: Design Turnpike creates unique art pieces and maps from genuine vintage license plates. See all my work at or the tinsnipstimes blog
I love this! I can absolutely see this over my couch.

The Dearborn, Michigan creator of Design Turnpike's unique maps makes each piece by hand. They are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle using vintage license plates from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. All fifty states of the Union (even Alaska and Hawaii!) are represented. 

This map reminds me of a wooden jigsaw puzzle of the United States that my daughter and I used to put together when she was a three years old. I remember it was about a month into my divorce, and my daughter and I were putting the puzzle together, learning the names of each state, and she wanted to know where her father lived now. When my husband had moved, he left Utah, so I showed her the state where he was currently living .

That week the Florida piece came up missing. I asked her about it and she wouldn't answer. I found the piece in her pocket later. I didn't need to ask her why she had it. She kept it for about a year then it reappeared in its proper place in the puzzle.

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