Artist of the Day: Astrid - Jeanne Berg

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artist bio: I am a native New Yorker but have lived in the United Kingdom since 1998 - first in London and now in Bath. For many years, I worked as an illustrator. It was then that I began looking for inspiration in the works of Renaissance artists. When I started making collages, I once again, returned to these paintings. Faces from my favorite Renaissance paintings are found in many of my collages. I love being able to re-imagine them - to create a new sense of beauty by combining elements from sometimes contradictory places.
Poet Charles Simic said that collage is the medium of mystics. I think collage, as an art form, is a window into the mind of the artist.

Bath, United Kingdom based artist Jeanne Berg's collages are gorgeous. That she uses Renaissance images imbue the collages with a luminous quality.


  1. I just discovered Jeanne Berg's work...i love her collages!

  2. Excellent - they are beautiful.