Song of the Day: Ready to Start - Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire
Ready to Start

I listened to this on the way to coffee and the lyrics below resonated, and accused. Well, I accused myself of falling back on my old patterns of taking a dozen tentative steps forward, making a few huge strides, then the second an emotional hook presents itself, I stumble almost all the way backwards to where I began and try to convince myself that the Emperor really is wearing clothes.

You probably do this, too. Frustrating and infuriating isn't it?

Life is short.

The Emperor wears no clothes, people. You know it and so do I.

Today is as good a day as any to start again.

All the kids have always known
That the emperor wears no clothes
But they bow down to him anyway
It's better than being alone

But I would rather be alone
Than pretend I feel alright

Now I'm Ready to Start
My mind is open wide
Now I'm Ready to Start
Not sure you'll open the door
To step out into the dark
Now I'm ready!

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