Artist of the Day: Hemingway, As Boxer - Jeff Mitchell

hemingway, as boxer jeff mitchell boxingbear
artist bio: Jeff Mitchell is the founder of Boxing Bear Studio, a Design and Art studio based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeff works across disciplines, from stark pen and ink illustrations, to heavily textured digital paintings, and mixed-media paintings using acrylic and screen printing. Through Boxing Bear Studio, Jeff has sold his artwork all over the world and participated in shows across the US. Visit to keep up-to-date.
Although Tulsa, Oklahoma based artist Jeff Mitchell touts his artwork as indie art prints and posters for guys, this gal likes his work. Be sure to check out Sigmund Freud.

Guy or gal, you'll enjoy his artwork.

I chose "Papa" Hemingway because I just finished The Paris Wife, a book from first wife, Hadley Richardson's  point of view. It's the story of her marriage with the pugilist/writer. They drank. A lot. There is a bare knuckle boxing match in a living room, and then, a lot, I mean a lot, of brawls. I think it sad he alienated even his most devoted friends. And of course, his end is tragic.

Of all the characters, I found Zelda Fitzgerald the most fascinating. But, I digress.

Hem, and all four of his wives, led wildly adventurous, rollicking, volatile, drunken lives.

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