What I Made Today: Day of the Dead Carved Clay Pin


carved clay pin  danna
I've been carving clay bracelets and beads the last few weeks in preparation for a holiday show, and decided to make something just for me.
I started out carving ceramic, but kept breaking the pieces. I tried my new favorite - paper clay, but it didn't work like I imagined it would. So, I went back to polymer clay, a medium I haven't worked with for a long time.
I found a great vector sugar skull image and transferred it to the poymer clay, baked it for fifteen minutes, then got carving. Then I sanded, embedded a pin back, painted, and sealed the piece. 
It's very much like carving a lino block, (exactly, to be honest), but instead of using the block to print, it is the finished piece.
I find the process very satisfying and relaxing.
Here's a detail of the carving - a little blurry, but you get the idea.



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