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old matchbox cars esther and moritz makelifeparadise
I'm a safe/defensive driver. That hasn't mattered at all the past few days, which have been a bit of perilous times in the car/driving department. 
This last Sunday, my father and I drove over to my grandmother's historical home to see the new sets and improvements on the old barn the film crew had made. While we were looking, we drove right into one of the holes they had dug in order to film from ground level. Both back wheels were off the ground and we were listing to the right. I couldn't open the passenger door, so I unlocked my seat belt, opened the window, held my phone out and took a photo of the front end of the car so I could see what we'd fallen into. Once I looked at the photo, I immediately belted up, told my father to put the car in neutral, and called my husband to come pull us out. The bumper was the only thing that kept us from going all the way to the bottom of the hole.
Last night I was rear ended by a driver, just two houses from my home. I was slowing down for the light and then suddenly rammed and pushed a few feet into the car in front of me, sending that car into the car in front of it. My Cd's were thrown out of the cubby, (yes, I still have Cd's), and my cinnabar Buddha hit me in the chest. The seat belt was twisted in its restraint. That's how hard the car behind me hit.
I'm sure that on impact, when I grabbed my neck with both hands, I looked like bad actors do in whiplash infomercials. Time didn't slow down. I couldn't process what was happening, because I had both feet on the brake trying not to hit the car in front of me. Over an hour and one half later, after the police had talked to all involved and given us a driver information exchange handout, everyone drove away, safe and sound.
Random, unexpected things happen, like driving into a hole, or being hit from behind. Both events are amusing anecdotal stories. Do they mean something in a greater sense? Probably not anything more than the story I tell myself, and that story so far is that, life is short. I need to wake up. Right now.
But, I've been telling myself that for the last year. Maybe it's time to listen.
After listening to everyone's stories of getting hit and feeling fine until the next morning and then not being able to get out of bed, I decided to stay home to go to the doctor. Tomorrow, I'm seeing a structural reiki therapist.
Be safe everybody, and watch out for holes.
artist bio: Hi! We are Esther and Moritz. Living in Berlin, Germany, after having lived in Amsterdam in the Netherlands for the last 7 years. We love to go out on photo shooting trips, exploring the city. Our shop name is a combination of our German and Dutch last names, (very) roughly translated in English: Moritz last name means Make life and Esther's last name is Van Eden.

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