Land of Deseret: In My Own Back Yard

I was surprised to discover that one of my neighbors has been raising their own turkeys. Both Toms were very friendly. I was a little revolted by their wattles, which they waggled a great deal. They also shook their tail feathers and posed for my pictures. If they didn't have those terrible wattles, I think I would consider a turkey as a pet. An outside pet. The hen did not trust me one bit, and protested from a safe distance.

I asked if these two Toms were given pardons. Sadly, no. They made it through Thanksgiving alive, but one of the duo will be the main course for Christmas. Man eat turkey world.

My neighbors have big plans to become farmers. They have plowed up their back yard and plan to raise corn. They have a fat goat that has yellow billy goat eyes, the kind from childhood horror fairytale stories. The goat likes to body slam.  I am not a fan of that damn goat.

I read on NPR yesterday that Farm School is the new black.

I wish them luck.

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