Song of the Day: Sugar Sand Stitched Lip & The Hale and The Hearty - Heyward Howkins

Heyward Howkins

Have a listen to both of these:
Sugar Sand Stitched Lip & The Hale & The Hearty

I haven't posted a song of the day for quite a while, but this weekend Heyward Howkins showed up in my inbox. I'm not sure how this happens, especially since my tiny blog is something of an online journal/ramble, but I'm very happy the singer and his music did.

I spent the day listening to Heyward, and watching his videos, most of them filmed by BITBY - bands in the backyard.

I watched the Sugar video first, which I assume is a reimaging of the selkie legend in a post-apocalyptic world, but it was the second video I watched, with Heyward playing his guitar on a deck in a Blues Brothers suit, lily pond as back drop, somewhere in New Jersey, that got my attention. He didn't skip a beat when the white noise of a passing plane overhead almost drowned him out around 1:20, but just leaned hard into the music. When he closed his eyes and stamped out a beat, then whistled a riff, well, that's when I kicked off my shoes and settled right in.

An interesting biographical note Howkins claims: his ancestor Thomas Howkins signed the Declaration of Independence.

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