Artist of the Day: The Bath House - Carey Primeau

the bath house  cary primeau

I love Chicago based photographer Carry Primeau's Neglected Beauty series: a collection of images of Detroit and Chicago landmarks in various stages of decay and ruin.

Looking at this photograph I keep running over terms from art history: Roman arch, pier, barrel vault column, pendentive, Doric column, come to mind.

I hope Detroit finds a new purpose for this grand station, and also, that the station keeps the amber patina of age.

I could see the station transformed into a destination spot centered around a vibrate arts community, perhaps an artist colony with artists and craftsmen of all stripes with art studios and residences, a co-op art gallery, and a host of bookshops, cafes and bistros.

An art makeover may be just the thing to revitalize the city, after all, Art Saves.
artist bio: Chicago Based Fine Art and Wedding Photographer.

Detroit, Michigan Central Station

Built in 1913 this massive 18 story train station was designed by the same firm as New York’s Grand Central Station and not a single detail was sacrificed. I see this building not much different from the ruins of ancient civilizations and can only hope that it will never be torn down. Its current condition symbolizes Detroit's predicament yet its beauty has the potential to awe and inspire generations to come.


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