The Day in Cartoons: What Day Is It - David Fitzsimmons

what day is it David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Star
Gray Thursday. Black Friday. Shop Small Saturday. Cyber Monday.
Shop. Shop. Shop.
Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do.
Shopping small to support local businesses and restaurants? Yes. Shopping at 5 a.m in a big box store or the mall? No.
I have to admit, even though it is meant ironically, I like Thrift Store Thursday.
Now here's a real event day to get excited about: Giving Tuesday
What I am going to do and be this season is more generous. In addition to the usual gift giving, I want to give more intangibles:
Forgiveness I've been denying. Kindnesses I've been hesitant about offering out of fear of misinterpreation. Compliments I've withheld for a myriad of lame reasons. Silence when I want to fix something when what is required is to just shut up and listen. Time and patience even when I am out of both.
Here is my plan with the concrete, the tangibles:
Pack up clothing, dishes, furniture and donate to the local Goodwill. Clear the shelves of canned goods and donate to the local shelter. Make beet cake for my favorite (and not so favorite neighbors).

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