The Day in Cartoons : Secession Chill Out - J.D. Crowe


Secession Chill Out J.D. Crowe, Mobile Register
Texas has exceeded the signature requirement to petition for secession from these united states, but Governor Rick Perry is not having it. Texas will stay in the Union.
Utah has over 5000 signatures. Utah! Seriously.
When my daughter was a child, she used to throw herself on the ground, kick, and hold her breath until she nearly passed out. When she realized the tactic wasn't working, she got control of herself and stomped off to sulk.
Right around dinner time, she was ready to be reasonable. Truth be told, she was hungry. 
My analogy? Would be secessionists, go ahead, throw yourself on the ground. Kick all you like. Hold your breath until you pass out. Then go have yourself a cleansing cry. And then get yourself up to the table.
So your guy didn't win. One side always loses. This time was your turn.
You will survive. And so will the Union.
P.S. I hear the local super mart near you has big girl panties on sale.
Interesting Reading:
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