Watch & Listen Play List: Presidential Election - 6 November 2012

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Choice 2012  Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

I am headed out to vote in a few minutes, and then I'm going to take my I Voted sticker to Einstein's and get a free bagel schmear.

Later, before I settle in to watch the election results with Diane Sawyer, and also LinkTV, I am planning on picking up a chocolate raspberry concrete with salted almonds.

Let the stress eating begin!

Obama or Mitt, the country will survive. Moreover, we survived two years of relentless campaigning. Everybody in the country deserves a treat!

Here are a few tunes to help get you through the election tallies.

Electric Feel - MGMT
Crossroads - Doug Sham
Beautiful Day - U2
All Your Gold - Bat for Lashes
It's Alright - Dar Williams
Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National
Swept Away - Fictionists
Eyes on the Prize - Mavis Staples
Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns - A.C. Newman
Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
Midnight City - M83
Big Parade - Lumineers
Wonderful the Way I Feel - My Morning Jacket
We're Alright Now - John Hiatt

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