Voodoo Collage: Push - 2012

It always takes a long while before I can see what my voodoo collage has to tell me. I call my yearly collages voodoo collages because I've discovered they are a window into my subconscious, and seem to predict the year's major events and themes.

I titled the collage Push, because that is the only word on the very last image of the lower right of the piece. And, because the word is appropriate because I have been dragging my feet on major decisions for far too long. It's time to push into them, and continue right on through.

I love the joyful, absolutely exuberant bejeweled and winged Queen. She is the main center of the piece. Turquoise, blues and greens, as well as vibrant reds and pinks are significant colors for her. The photo is originally from Scientific American of a Masai woman with a beaded collar necklace that covers her entire chest. I layered images of coral, turquoise, costume and precious gemstones for her collar necklace, then crowned her with a ring of freshwater stack pearls and feather headdress layered on top of a giant agave plant painting. I stuck a turquoise stone peacock plume into the crown for a literal feather in her cap. The moth wings were a last minute addition.

That this Queen is offering The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy's red shoes is quite a portent for the year to come. I've already had inklings that it is time to revisit the territory and the abandoned religion of my youth.

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