Artist of the Day: Reclaimed Wood Desk - Erin Norton True

reclaimed wood desk erin norton true

artist bio: This is real wood with a real history and story to tell. This wood once held up century old buidlings and barns. It has the age and love spots to prove it. Each piece has it's own unique characteristics....often knots, dents, saw marks, nail holes and grooves in each piece of wood I use. I once heard someone say "If it doesn't have a past, it's not worth having!" I have embraced this idea in my own home, in my Etsy shop and online at my own shop at I have always enjoyed creating things of all sorts. In 2009, after spending 8 years in the Detroit area as an art teacher, I moved to the Chicago area. I decided to pursue my own artistic endeavors in a new medium....Old Growth Wood...mixed with items I would discover at estate sales, flea markets, and old barns. I began creating small furniture pieces like benches and console tables. Not long after people began contacting me to create larger pieces like reclaimed dining tables, desks, media stands, shelves etc. I often like to add vintage boxes, locker baskets, wood crates to many of my pieces making each piece one-of-a-kind. Possibly, my favorite part about starting Urban Wood Goods has been the little adventures I have found myself on in the hunt for "Good Wood." My friends and family are always amused by the places I tell them I go to in the middle of nowhere in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan and the interesting characters I meet. I hope to start documenting these places and people soon on my blog.
I love this wood desk and I love Chicago-based wood worker artist Erin Norton True's story, even more. She uses pre-1920 wood to create her pieces. Every bench or table would look great in a loft or farm house.

Are any of you woodworkers? I wouldn't call myself that, but I tried it, and to mix my literal artisan metaphors, found it to be like sewing, but with power tools. My favorite part was designing, then joining, then planing. I did not enjoy making the cuts at all. My very first cut was on the radial arm saw and I thought I would have a heart attack.  I made a Shaker kitchen table, start to finish. It is now an upstairs computer desk. I also made an entertainment center and a lot of frames for my artwork.

You will love the Urban Wood Goods website and blog. Head over there and be certain to watch her video in Our Story.

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