Artist of the Day: Cool Mormon Women - Scott Heffernan

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The illustration includes Carol Lynn Pearson, Chieko Okazaki, Gladys Knight, and Joanna Brooks. The illustration of Joanna Brooks is the lower right corner.
Joanna Brooks will be in Salt Lake City tomorrow!
I read The Book of Mormon Girl last week and reviewed it here, in something of a 40% personal narrative, 55% emotional excursion, and mini-meltdown, and 5% book review.
I am so excited that Joanna Brooks will be reading from her memoir at Weller Book Works , at the bookstore's new Trolley Square location this Thursday, August 23 at 7 P.M!
Usually literary readings here in the City of Salt are intimate gatherings, but I'm guessing there will be a crowd. It's a small space with room for fifty, so get there early and please save a seat for me! I will be the one wearing huge dark sunglasses; as my grandmother used to say, Danna has a talent for weeping. I can't help it!
If you didn't catch her interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, check it out here and here


  1. Hi. Thanks for featuring these! I'm honored.

    In case you're interested, we're running a giveaway of Joanna's book on our blog, Modern Mormon Men. I also recently did a video interview with her.

    Great blog and thanks again!

  2. Thanks Scott. I'll link your blog and giveaway contest when I post the pictures I took from Brook's Weller Books reading last night.