Artist of the Day: Tom Waits' Melodramatic Nocturnal Scene - Travis Braun

tom waits' melodramatic nocturnal scene travis braun

artist bio: My name is Travis Braun, I am a freelance artist and illustrator. The vast majority of my work is inspired by music and pop culture. With my music posters I tried to visually capture the unique sound of each musician/band. Most of the words are song lyrics and there is much symbolism in the imagery which was inspired by lyrics and album artwork. The more you are familiar with the musician/band the more you will understand and appreciate the piece.
I love the narrative style of this artist. Braun has captured the intense and (almost) lurid gaze of Waits in the illustration.

I know many of you are in love with Tom Waits. I'm not in love, yet,  but I'm getting there.

I know I've seen or heard of this artist somewhere, and it's not because he's from Utah. I swear he had a piece in Rolling Stone, but I have looked and looked.  I remember something of a space monkey painting, or a skeleton painted on top of an astronaut. Again, I have searched every corner of the web. If you have seen these images, please tell me where.

If this is the first you've seen of Travis Braun's artwork, or even if you are familiar, check out his site.  If you like Radiohead or The Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix or The Beatles, you'll love his paintings.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me here on your blog, I really appreciate your kind words. I have not yet been featured in RS but I dream of the day. I am working on something HUGE for Kickstarter that should be up within the next 4ish months, stay tuned! In the mean time you can see more of my newer work on my FB page here

    Thanks again,