Song of the Day: Head for the Hills - Griffin House

Griffin House
Head for the Hills

Have you heard of Griffin House? I hadn't until about an hour ago. The music is stunning. The lyrics are personal and political. And, he is a charmer. As of this moment, Head for the Hills is my favorite of the sixteen songs and videos I've listened to and watched tonight.

I am so glad that I chanced upon this artist looking for the bluegrass band Head for the Hills, (who are coming to the City of Salt in a few weeks).

Griffin House is on tour right now, and you can still snag a seat in small venues like festivals, local concert halls, and house concert parties that charge the price of a CD for admittance rather than the crazytoomuch ticket price for a nosebleed seat to see the majority of headline bands through binoculars.

Griffin House is a one of those best kept secrets that's well past due to be let out. Tell all your friends!  

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