Artist of the Day: Incremental Progress Is Progress - M. C. Culottes

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artist bio: I am an artist, musician, writer, crafter, and heart-surgeon. Except that I'm not a heart-surgeon. Or a crafter. But the other three, sure. (BTW: I'm now TUMBLING here: ) I love the art, architecture, and style of the 1960's and 1970's -- both the decorative styles and the minimalist styles, both the flamboyant dresses of Emilio Pucci and the brutalist architecture of Ernő Goldfinger. I also like Kit Kat bars because of the combination of crunchy cookie wafers and smooth chocolate. Humor is also important to me. Important and ellusive. I'm currently reading Spalding's Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor in hopes of figuring this whole thing out but basically I'm not getting it. I have a doctor's appointment for next week to see if there's a Viagra-type solution for this problem.

I saw this ink drawing by Oakland, California artist M. C. Culotte, and decided to adopt it as my new mantra.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Writing at least a page a day for a year is a novel.

Saving five dollars instead of a latte a day for a year is a trip to Turkey or Greece next summer).

Lifting tiny weights every day and swimming three times a week for a year is new health.

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