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This is the third time I have written about Joanna Brooks or The Book of Mormon Girl this week. Although I've been on the outside of this faith for all of my adult life, this is the first time I feel like my story is finally being told. This is the first time that I feel a pinprick of hope that change is really coming. That there is finally room for all of the stories, not just the streamlined official story. That there is room for everyone at the table: orthodox, unorthodox, those inside the faith, and those firmly outside of it.

Like I said here, she just may be the dark horse of the Mormon Moment.

Perhaps, she's just cool.

Joanna Brooks may be unorthodox Mormon, but she still considers herself a Mormon. I think there were many at the reading last night that are struggling to stay in the faith. Many told their stories. Some were hilarious. Others raw. All needed to be heard. I am glad I went.

If you are curious, interested, maybe even alarmed, by the tsunami of information and disinformation about Mormons and Mormonism in the news of late, read this book. You just may find yourself within the pages.

For further reading, check out Modern Mormon Men and Feminist Mormon Housewives.


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