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bon appetit ode to julia child elloh

artist bio: elloh is the work of me, el lohse, a fan of lowercase letters, handwritten notes, pop culture, being an aunt and singing along to a favorite song. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design on scholarship but I'm also self taught in most of what I've been doing since then. I worked for a spell as a book designer. The highlight...I met Mr. Rogers. His watch had musical notes instead of numbers. I wanted to work for National Geographic. Photographing the highest mountaintops and Jane Goodall with the chimpanzees. I was six years old. "A little young." they said. "C'est la vie" I replied. Now I just like to travel. Plane, train, automobile, subway, on foot, or most of the time by sketchbook and pencil. Thanks, gracias, danke, grazie, arigato, merci, high five, you rock! 
Whenever I need a lift out of the murk of a foggy day, I head right to etsy to look at Elloh's collection of Odes.

I've been in a bit of an emotional fog this morning. There are several fires burning south of here. It has been foggy to the point that the Rocky Mountains to the east were barely visible.

If you've Googled even once in the last couple days, you have seen the Julia Child doodle. It's the great chef's 100th birthday today. I think this warrants a French pastry, and since I did my weights this morning and plan on deep water aerobics tonight, I think I'll indulge.

I picked up Julie Powell's book at a local thrift store, and enjoyed it immensely. I also enjoyed her expletive-ridden blog. She's funny. If you haven't read either, check them out.

As for the exuberant Julia, all I remember is her warbling, laughter-filled voice as she sliced and diced. Other than Meryl Streep's interpretation, my favorite is SNL's Dan Ackroyd's portrayal.

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