Artist of the Day: Undress - Clare Elsaesser

undress clare elsaesser tastesorangey

artist bio: Hi, my name is Clare Elsaesser and I live and work in the beautiful, hillside town of Jenner, California where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. I was super lucky to have been an Etsy featured seller. You can read the interview here if you'd like to find out a bit more: You can also take a peak inside my home:
I couldn't decide between the paintings, so I chose both.

Back portraits fascinate. They tell a much different story than traditional frontal portraits, in which the viewer looks to the face to make assessments of beauty, character, temperament,  intelligence, and gauge the subject's essence through their eyes.

Portrait's from this perspective remind me of Man Ray's solarized Nude with Shadow photograph.  

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