Watch & Listen Play List: October 5-7 2012

The debate put my teeth on edge. How about you?

These are the songs that will be filling my head for the next three days. My plan is to not pay one second of attention to any of the spin out there, and just focus on the spin on my virtual turntable.

Enjoy the music and the crisp air.

Babel - Mumford & Sons
Karma Police - Radiohead
It's Real  - Real Estate
1957 - Milo Greene
Modern Times - RND M
Trash Tongue Talker - Jack White
I'll Be Your Man - Black Keys
What's the Matter Here - 10,000 Maniacs
You Can Never Tell - Chuck Berry
Theologians - Wilco
Carrying the Torch - Generationals
Presence of the Lord - Blind Faith
The Honest Truth - Typhoon
Going' Up in Smoke - Eddie Kendricks
They'll Be Some Changes Made - Ray Charles
Pa Pa Power - Dead Man's Bones
Penance Fire Blues - Bobby Long
Cool Me Down - The Black Seeds
Okay, Alright, I'm Alive - Bahamas
There, There - Radiohead
Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Yellow Brick Road - Angus & Julia Stone

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