Artist of the Day: Great Horned Owl - Stephanie McDowell

great horned owl - stephanie mcdowell stephsshoes

Two years ago a great horned owl took up residence in the Honey Locust tree behind my house.

I remember my daughter and I walked through the field and then directly under the tree while the owl watched us, barely turning its head in acknowledgement.

I took the owl as a portent of fortune. I remember it being particularly stressful, unsettling time, and the sudden appearance of the owl was reassuring.

The "situation" ultimately resolved in my favor.

This photograph reminds me to remain watchful, and look clearly for the better nature or potential fortune of any situation.

artist bio: Driven by a deep love and respect for the natural world, I passionately capture the scenes and wildlife of my native New England and enthusiastically share the wonders of it all with you. &

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