Presidential Election Debate Round One Wish List: Vintage & Handmade Gifts

Tonight is the first of three presidential debates. The focus is domestic issues, and it will run according to Jim Lehrer's rules. I can't really say happy watching, so how about engaged watching?

Here's hoping it's more  I'll Be Your Man than Trash Tongue Talker.

cocktail rim sugar dellcovespices
I'm certain we'll need a few of these to get through tonight with our sanity.  
political party coasters queenofdetile
Keep a pitcher of your favorite drink nearby.

political bingo 2012 cindy stewart
If the debate is more blahblahdodgeblahblah and less factfactzingerfactfact, you can always call b.s. and have a quick game of Bingo.

smart ass aimee lou
Denotation and connotation of a word are two very different things. What meaning are you going with here?

glittered elephant mandylandshoppe
Same applies here.

1940 black bullet bra blessthatdress
A bullet bra is definitely in order given one party's stance on women.

cocktail dress cat shanahan
This dress is one part 1950's and one part 2012, just like the candidates.

combat boots grannyvintageshoes
Lace these up tight in case the rhetoric gets a little deep and mucky. They look like they're great for kicking and for walking.

Both of these are the perfect condolence card for your friends or frenimies if your guy tanks tonight.

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