The Day in Cartoons: First Debate - Hajo de Reijger

first debate hajo de reijger, The Netherlands

While Romney is no Thrilla in Manilla, he came to win.

Obama came to tie.

After last night, I can now make Romney jokes again without feeling like kicking a man while he's down, close to rock bottom.

Obama didn't bring his A game. He played nice, let fabrications and accusations go unchecked, his face showed a storm frustration, but for the most part, was inexplicably expressionless. He waggled his foot as if bored, he had his charisma on dimmer switch. He didn't deliver even one fatal blow, but I can't help thinking his behavior is tactical, like what Bush did in the first Kerry debate: let the opponent jab jab jab, show all their cards, all the while waiting until the soft underbelly was vulnerable to go in for the easy kill.

The next debate will tell.

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