Artist of the Day: Mechanical Spider - JM Gershenson-Gates

mechanical spider jm gershenson-gates

Before my husband and I were married, he commissioned a jeweler to make a spider pin with a moonstone abdomen for me. I loved it so much I had another spider pin made with a turquoise stone set in the cephalothorax.

On the macabre side, I suppose. Both spider pins are delicate and lovely, in an darkly artsy way. And, they are great conversations starters.

Spiders are fascinating, but I am not a fan of spiders creeping around the house.

I do love my pins, though.

artist bio: Grandson of a Railroad Man, son of a Gearhead.
Perpetual tinkerer, doodler, sandcastler, idler.
Spent too much time wondering and thinking...time to do.

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